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If you are searching for a cell phone spy software review or if you really intend to buy a cell phone spy software in order to keep an eye on your spouse movements or your teens call logs, you are just logged on to right page where you can find apposite information regarding the top spywares along with their prices and the features they offer. Nowadays, there are a number of spy software available on the internet. Out of all the spy software, FlexiSPY, Mobistealth and mobile-spy are the most recommendable and market leaders. However, all three of them differ in their specifications and prices. Therefore, the question is which one would suit you the most and why?

Cell Phone Spy software are generally used by suspicious spouses who want to spy on their partner activities or sometimes by parents to, monitor their kids. Also, phone usage of employers can be checked through these spy softwares. For all of the spy software, you have to install the software on the target phone to be spied on. Once the installation is made, you would be able to read text messages, view call logs along with many other features but remember there is no spy software that does not need to be installed on the target phone, so stay away from such fake claimers.

FlexiSPY is the most recommendable and dependable spy software in the market so far. There are a number of products offered by FlexiSPY. One of the outstanding packages provided by FlexiSPY is no doubt FlexiSPY Pro-X. The PRO X version is the most feature rich spy software on the earth now. FlexiSPY Pro-X, allows you to listen into a live call now. This feature is only available in PRO-X version and is supported by BlackBerry, iPhone (2G, 3G, & 3GS), Windows Mobile, & Symbian only. The other features are read SMS messages, secret mobile GPS tracker, phone call history, email and furtively listen in on the target phone’s surroundings.

Some of the other FlexiSPY packages are:

Flexispy Pro: same features of pro X except the feature of listening into a live call.

Flexispy Light: same features of mobile spy and enable you to read text messages email and call history.

Flexispy Bug: you can listen in to the target phone surrounding secretively only. As soon as you install software on the target phone, all the required information of the cell would be sent to your confidential web account where you can vie all the uploaded data of the target phone. With all of their products, a 24 hour customer support service is also provided by flexispy now. The improvements made by the FlexiSPY group offers their service on maximum of the phones including iPhone (2G, 3G, 3GS), Windows Mobile, Symbian more than 50 models, & even BlackBerry and costs between USD $149.00 – $349.00.


To purchase FlexiSPY product line, visit

Mobile Spy is my 2nd recommendation. If you consider FlexiSPY expensive software and do not require excessive information then go for mobile spy as it offers all the ‘must-have’ features in less than 50 bucks. With Mobile Spy, you can track a cell phone; view the phone’s call logs, read incoming and outgoing text messages, and ofcoarse GPS tracking and are supported by Android (Droid, Nexus One, etc.), BlackBerry, iPhone 2G 3G/GS, Windows Mobile & Symbian. Another interesting advantage you can get with a purchase of annual license of mobile spy ($99.97 USD) is a year free license of Sniper Spy, an award winning PC monitoring software. So, with Mobile Spy, you can spy on not only a cell phone but also on PC. In regards to Mobile Spy as a company, they are the only US based spy phone company listed here, and were the first to sell spy software for both the iPhone and Android phones.

Mobile Spy Soft

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MobiStealth is my third recommendation because of its limited support to different phone. However, this new kid in the market is no doubt feature rich software in an affordable price. Let’s talk about the exclusive features of MobiStealth that are not offered by any other spy software company. Call recording is the feature that will record calls dialed or received on the cell phone you are spying on. With this you would not have to dial in when a call is in progress (required by flexispy’s pro-x). Mobistealth would record the call and upload it to web account. Retrieve/ view photos and videos – this new feature gives you complete visibility into all the photos and videos saved on the target phones. However, it offers the basic features of a spy software that are offered by mobile spy. It costs between USD$39.99 – $199.99 but supports only android & blackberry at the moment.


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