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Samsung Galaxy SII Sky Rocket Spy

Samsung galaxy s II Skyrocket Spy

If you are looking for a way to monitor Samsung Galaxy SII, running an Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread, you can easily do so via Samsung Galaxy SII Sky Rocket Spy.  Not all spy apps out there in the market support Android operating system’s version 2.3.5.
Samsung Galaxy SII Spy is installed directly onto the Samsung galaxy SII, you want to monitor, via its browser, a download link is provided upon the purchase that you need to type manually in the phone’s browser in order to download the application. Once downloaded, the Samsung Galaxy SII Spy starts recording all the ongoing activities of the phone and uploads them to your online account after  every 15 to 20 minutes as more frequent updating might result in quick battery drainage.

However, uploading of data logs require a stable internet connection on the phone You can log into your online account using any PC/laptop/desktop to view the recorded data. There are no additional costs involved in logging into the provided web account and checking the data logs.

What does Samsung Galaxy SII Sky rocket spy do?

  • This spy app records the location of your target Samsung Galaxy SII as per your set time interval. Location is reported via GPS and also  via cell towers and wifi, in case GPS is disabled.

  • It enables you to record the surroundings of your target Samsung Galaxy SII any time you want to for 5, 15 or thirty minutes. The recording is initiated via a simple text message.

  • It gives you a detailed list of all incoming/outgoing /missed calls along with the duration and time stamp.

  • It lets you to view the full content of all the incoming/outgoing messages even if they are deleted right after being read or sent.

  • It lets you see all the pictures snapped through the Samsung galaxy SII cam.

  • It gives you access to all the contacts stored on the phone and also the ones added anytime later.

  • It records the URLs of all the websites visited on the phone.

  • You can retrieve the location of your Samsung Galaxy SII phone by sending just a simple text to it.

  • It notifies you whenever the SIM is changed.

  • It records all incoming/outgoing calls

If you are a much concerned parent who wants to keep track of his/her notorious teens or you have a lot of doubt and suspicions against your partner, you need to place your order right away for Samsung Galaxy SII Spy App by going to MobiStealth  You can purchase your required package as there are three different version of Samsung Galaxy SII Sky rocket spy.

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