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Are you searching for iPhone Spy app? iPhone spy apps are available in the market which provide users with comprehensive and constant spy of all the activities conducted on the iPhone. iPhone spy apps are used for varied purposes. These spy software can be used to catch cheating spouse, by parents to keep an eye on the activities of their children, etc. In addition to this, different businesses use these spy apps to monitor the organization allocated iPhones. There are number of vendors who provide apps for iPhone spy.

However, most of the iPhone spy apps come with following features:

In addition to the above mentioned services, some iPhone spy apps also provide recording of phone calls from specific numbers. All of this data is then uploaded to vendor server which can be accessed by the user who installed this spy app on iPhone.

iPhone spy apps cannot be installed remotely and need to be installed on the target iPhone directly which means that user, who wishes to install this spy app on iPhone, needs to get physical access to that iPhone for at least few minutes. All of the iPhone spy apps come with the instructions manual which can assist the user in the installation process. Three  primary companies dealing with iPhone spy apps are as follows:

      – Creation of email log
    – Access to complete history of all calls made and received from iPhone includin details such as call duration
      – SMS text messages history
      – Spy call which allows listening to the surroundings in real time
      – Access to the contacts stored in the cell phone
      – Access to all pictures taken from iPhone
      – Access to internet browsing history
      – Location information of iPhone updated on periodical basis
      – Real time tracking of iPhone through GPS
      – SIM change notification

Its primary product is Flexispy Pro which comes at the price of 249 USD per year. The information regarding this product can be accessed through

It is the most recognized brand involved in the provision of iPhone spy apps. Mobistealth Lite can be bought from with the price of 39.99 USD/ 3 months

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