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( Vigilance has always been one of the highest priorities of human beings. Due to our unpredictable nature and inherent uncertainty in things, we need to devise certain mechanisms that could provide high levels of monitoring. These days, mobile phones are being used formonitoring or in a more strict sense, to spy. Android spy software,iPhone spy software, Android monitoring app etc. are among the very few examples of monitoring applications built for mobilephones. Gone are the days when you had no clues about what your field employee had done during the whole day.


We can list a number of uses of the Android tracking app or android spy software but themain purpose of all of them remains to track a person or moment so that it could be presented as evidence later or critical facts and deductions could be carried out of it. At first, iPhone spy software for monitoring employee’s activities gained tremendous attention and a lot of worried bosses ultimately found a decent way to know what John is doing right now. But Android application developers never lose the chance to compete and they made the android tracking appand android spy software. We can argue the functionalities offered by both Android spy softwareand iPhone spy software but because they belong to different platforms (i.e., Android OS andiPhone OS), it is worthless to talk about the application features. The usual features of anAndroid spy software or iPhone spy software include logging all the incoming and outgoing calls,keeping history of all messaging done, map based auto refresh GPS location tracking, logging phonebook completely, photos and videos track and in a nutshell, every single key pressed is recorded and the spy software never fails to keep track.


With the advent of Blackberry spy software and other such Android spy software, many managers havereported a steady rise in sales and revenue. If you were in search of such software, than itis time that your wish has fulfilled. The android monitoring app and android tracking app generally use a server to upload the logged information. All the activities performed by the mobile phone user are silently sent to the server. The monitor logs on to the server via his email address and see who did what. I personally think that everyone should use a spy application for business purposes or other good purposes. If you have not bought it yet, this is right time to have spy software in your mobile phone.


12-Months 99.99 USD

6- Months 69.99 USD

3-Months 49.99 USD


-Spy Calls silently- Spy incoming and outgoing calls LIVE

-Secretly View Call History Logs

-Surround Recordings-

-GPS Tracking

-Emails Spy

-Text Messages Spy. Spy even deleted text massages

-View Videos, Photos Taken By Phone

-Support Almost all Phones

-Easy Installation

-Price- 3-Months 49.99 USD

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