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Blackberry Messenger Spy Software Now Available

Are you worried and curious to snoop a Blackberry messenger chatting? Mobistealth has recently introduced Blackberry Messenger Spy App. This spy application was in great demand even before its launch. This will surely make many people happy and contended who were waiting for something like this to pry Blackberry messenger conversations of their spouse, kids, or employees. So now you can secretly read all the blackberry messenger conversations.

Before having Blackberry Messenger Spy Software you should have the following features on your blackberry mobile phone.

      – Mobistealth blackberry messenger spy app works only if your blackberry messenger is v5.0. If you don’t have this latest version of blackberry messenger firstly download the new version and then subscribe to our website for the spy software.

      – The next important thing required for using our Blackberry messenger spy app is to make sure that your Blackberry messenger is using firmware v4.5 or above. If not, then firstly download it.

However, if you fulfill the above two requirements, you are all set to enjoy the interesting features of our spy software.

Additional Features:

If your primary objective is to spy blackberry messenger chat, Mobistealth not only fulfills your primary aim but also provides additional features along with the spy application for your blackberry messenger. These additional features include:

      – Call recordings
      – Contact details
      – Photo logging
      – Email logging
      – GPS tracking
      – And many more outstanding features

Whereas, Blackberry text messages spy app extracts even those text messages from the mobile trash history which had been deleted long time ago.

Easy to Use
Mobistealth spy software is very user friendly. A user must not be technically trained to use the spy software.

Price Range
Prices of the spy software are the most cheapest and suitable for its users in this industry. So, price has not been a problem for our customers. An average person would also have this magical spy suite. The price of the blackberry spy software that includes your desired blackberry messenger spy app is suitable within your budget.

      – $79.99 for 3-months
      – $119.99 for 6-months
      – $199.99 for 1-year

Where to Buy?

You can get the Mobistealth Blackberry Messenger spy software by visiting our website It will take few minutes and all of the chat, text messages and calls on your targeted blackberry phone will be on your Mobistealth club account.


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