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Mobile Spy Software for Android – Spy Any Android Phone

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Mobile Spy introduces a new and innovative spy software for all the mobiles which use Android operating system. Mobile spy software for android can be used to track and monitor the activities of an android user. This android spy app can be used to know all details of the calls, messages and emails made from the android phone. It can also be used for android tracking, giving details of the location of the phone and its user. And the icing on the cake is the fact that all of this information can be accessed in real time.

A person can install this android spy app on the android phone which he or she wants to track and monitor. After this mobile spy software for android is installed, it enters into stealth mode avoiding detection from android user. It will then start recording all the activities of the phone which is then uploaded to an online server. This information can be accessed by the person by logging into his or her Mobile Spy account. Android spy software for android has following main features.


  • GPS Location Tracking: It allows android tracking which means that location of the phone is recorded on every 15 minutes basis through GPS.

  • Call Logging: It creates a log of all incoming and outgoing calls including details such as call duration.

  • Spy Text Messages: It SECRETLY records all the text messages sent and received from the android phone.

  • Contacts Spy: It uploads the details of all the contacts stored on the phonebook.

  • Appointments: It SECRETLY records all the reminders stored in the phone such as birthdays, meetings, dates and anniversaries.

  • Browser History: It SECRETLY records all the internet activity conducted on the android phone including website visits and email sent and received.

  • Picture Logging: It also uploads all the videos and photos taken by the phone.

Mobile spy software for android comes with an additional feature of LIVE Control Panel. This extraordinary feature allows surveillance in real time. In addition to this, using this feature android phone can be controlled remotely. However, this feature comes with a price of $49.97 per year. But it comes with feature which makes this price a bargain. Live Control Panel allows android spy app to perform following features in real time.

  • The screen of Android phone can be viewed directly.

  • The location of the phone can be instantly viewed on the map through GPS.

  • Phone can be controlled through simple SMS. Afterwards, call can be initiated or message can be sent remotely.

  • Android phone can be locked.

These features make Mobile spy software for android unique in the market and a must buy for anyone who wants to monitor the android phone of his or her spouse, children or employee.

Let’s BUY Android Spy App:

Source 1: MobiStealth

Price: $39.99 USD (starting price)

Source 2: Mobile-Spy

Price: $49.78 USD (starting price)

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