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What do Women Want? Find out with Mobile Spy

What Women Want find with mobile spy

Women are known to be the most complex creatures on this earth. Women have mood swings and different views about everything. Women are everywhere, your mother, your sister, your wife and even your daughter and it’s important for you to make them happy and content. You can use technology to make the women in your life feel special and also understand them more specifically with mobile spy.

Women and Call Recorder:

Women are known to talk a lot, and they are also known to talk to their friends about any problem they have. Discussing and breathing the problem out of their heart gives them relief. If you feel that your wife is angry at you for some reason then you can go through her call logs recording via mobile spy and find out what has angered your wife. If it’s your negligence or your giving less attention to your wife then you can take corrective action to make your loved one happy again.

Also if you feel that your daughter’s grades are suffering then with the call recorder you can check her calls and see if she’s doing something wrong such as doing alcohol, drugs or sex. If so, you need to talk to your daughter about it and help her before she makes a big mistake.

Women and Browsing History:

In mobile spy you can check out your loved one’s browsing history logs. Whatever they do online will be recorded and you can then check it out to understand your loved woman more. If you have your daughter’s graduation coming soon and cant think of any present for her then you can check out her browsing history details, her online retail shopping websites and her interest in things that she looks it, this will help you surprise and make your daughter happy.

Also if your mother or wife are being secretive and upset then you can use their browsing history log to check if theirs something wrong with them. If your mother browses online late at night she might be suffering from insomnia and mobile spy will help you catch it.

Again, if your employee is being inefficient then you can check the emails and see if there is anything work related that is upsetting her. If your employee isn’t happy with her pay or work hours or is sexually harassed by someone in the business then you can take a measure against it and solve her problem before something big like your business being sued takes place.

Get the Mobile Phone Spy Application 

Supported smartphone: Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian (Nokia), Samsung

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Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend Spot and Catch with Mobile Spy

cheating girlfriend signs catch with mobile spy

Download Directly Into Your Girlfriend Mobile Phone

Do you really love your girlfriend but are worried about why she is acting different and distant towards you? Does it seem like your love has stopped growing and flourishing even though you’re doing everything possible. Is this the person you really want to spend the rest of your life with but are unsure now? If even one of these points adjust to your situation then maybe its time for you to find out what’s going on in your girlfriend’s life and to do this you can take the help of mobile spy.

Use mobile spy to find out the real reason behind your girlfriend’s change in attitude. Use all the features given in mobile spy to your top benefit and make sure that you are, in no way, cheated or made a fool by the woman you love.

In mobile spy you can get a complete recording of your girlfriends cell phone records and text records along with the number she’s received them from and the required content with date and time. If your girlfriend hesitates in picking up calls or her phone is always wiped out, use the mobile spy application to backup all the date in her call and text records and see what she’s hiding, maybe its nothing but If it is, you need to be sure of your girlfriends acts.

Alongside the recording feature you also have the browsing history log that gives you a total detail of all the websites your girlfriend has visited. If you feel that your girlfriend is talking to someone on a social networking website, her emails or her personal IM, go through them to free yourself from this painful curiosity and see if there’s a reason behind your pending mistrust.

Mobile spy also lets you view your girlfriends location all the time. If she says she going to work or will be working late, keep a slight tab on her location change and see if there’s some place mysterious or different then what she’s stated. With the GPS navigation tracker find out the time and place your girlfriend has visited and save yourself from any fake lies. The cell phone spy call feature when combined with the GPS navigation will let you listen to your girlfriends surroundings as well so now if you’re worried about who she is with, use the spy call to find out. 

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Are Social Networking Sites Ruining Your Kid? Find Out with Mobile Spy

Social networking websites are a good way when it comes to socializing and connecting with your friends and family, but is also causing problem for the new generation. A new search conducted by an American psychologist has named a new psychological illness known as FAB, FaceBook Addiction Disorder. This disorder states that a person might log on to FaceBook for such long hours that their normal life could be disrupted. This can be stopped and taken care of using mobile spy.

Children now a days are now footsteps away from a computer and internet connection. Rather than doing something productive like reading online journals, articles or researches they are usually mesmerized in social networking websites such as FaceBook and Twitter. Their homework and extra curricular activities like sports are disrupted due to this and parents can step in and control their child’s online activities using the mobile spy.

social networking addition control mobile spy

The mobile spy has a feature that lets you know about any appointments or calendar markings. Using the mobile spy parents can tap into their child’s event log and if there is any occasion coming up can then persuade their child to go rather than sitting in front of the computer, chatting away.

Mobile spy also lets you monitor your child’s phones browsing history. It records the websites they have visited. Using that parents can check the times and duration their children visit social networking websites and the content they browse their. If the child is browsing them for prolonged periods then parents can usually put a limit on their child’s online internet package. 

Social Media Mobile Phone Spyware

The text messages and phone call recording feature in mobile spy can help parents find out about their child’s activities at all times. They can see if their children are talking about FaceBook or Twitter and what they’re doing there. The mobile spy can intercept calls and parents can see if their child is being invited to some outdoor game and then ditching it to social network online. They can then take steps to counter this attitude and help their child be more active and sporty.

Mobile spy’s GPS tracker feature lets parents find out where their child is at all times. If a child is at school or at a friends then parents can use the tracker to check where their child is and if he’s using the computer and logging into FaceBook rather than socializing actively and personally.

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Dealing Autism with Mobile Spy

Autism is a social development disability; A neurological disorder that impairs a person’s ability to communicate and build up social interacting skills. Technology has prospered immensely and now parents can help their autistic child with mobile spy.

Dealing autism children with Mobile Spy

Mobile spy application can come in handy when one is dealing with someone who has a mild case of autism. Children with mild autism can be given cell phones with the mobile spy application installed. This can help their parents or guardians observe their condition and social skills.

Tracking your special child with Mobile Spy 

Dealing autism with mobile spy is fairly easy. The mobile spy application let’s you detect your child’s whereabouts through the GPS navigation feature, and this helps parents to keep an eye on their child and see where he is incase a problem arises.

An autistic child is noise sensitive, meaning a noisy and loud place can make that child very uncomfortable and discomfited. The mobile spy GPS navigation feature can let the kid’s parent’s find out where their kid is visiting and if that place is okay for their child’s situation. This can help the child from experiencing unnerving situations and dealing with anxiety.

gps tracking in cell phones


Who’s saying what? Find out with Mobile Spy  

Children with autism, due to their situation sometimes go through severe cases of bullying. Other children do not empathize with their situation and can go to many levels to embarrass them. The mobile spy has a feature that lets you monitor your child’s text messages and phone calls. Through this parents can see if their child is becoming a pawn in bullying or if someone is being rude and ridiculing him/her. Using the mobile spy parents can then take a step to stop this bullying and complain to the bully’s parents and this can then help them take care of their child’s disability. 

Intercepting phone calls and text messages, parents can find about their child’s friends. Autistic children are not very social they usually have very few friends. The mobile spy can help parents finding friends that are good for their child and then encourage their friendship and social meetings. 

Over all, the mobile spy can come in handy for parents with autistic children. They can monitor their child’s social standing and friends through the phone call and text messaging interceptor. They can also see how their child is being treated in school or if the child is distraught through this observation feature and can realize if their child is a victim of bullying. All in all, the mobile spy can help them observe their autistic child more.

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Samsung Galaxy SII Sky Rocket Spy

Samsung galaxy s II Skyrocket Spy

If you are looking for a way to monitor Samsung Galaxy SII, running an Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread, you can easily do so via Samsung Galaxy SII Sky Rocket Spy.  Not all spy apps out there in the market support Android operating system’s version 2.3.5.
Samsung Galaxy SII Spy is installed directly onto the Samsung galaxy SII, you want to monitor, via its browser, a download link is provided upon the purchase that you need to type manually in the phone’s browser in order to download the application. Once downloaded, the Samsung Galaxy SII Spy starts recording all the ongoing activities of the phone and uploads them to your online account after  every 15 to 20 minutes as more frequent updating might result in quick battery drainage.

However, uploading of data logs require a stable internet connection on the phone You can log into your online account using any PC/laptop/desktop to view the recorded data. There are no additional costs involved in logging into the provided web account and checking the data logs.

What does Samsung Galaxy SII Sky rocket spy do?

  • This spy app records the location of your target Samsung Galaxy SII as per your set time interval. Location is reported via GPS and also  via cell towers and wifi, in case GPS is disabled.

  • It enables you to record the surroundings of your target Samsung Galaxy SII any time you want to for 5, 15 or thirty minutes. The recording is initiated via a simple text message.

  • It gives you a detailed list of all incoming/outgoing /missed calls along with the duration and time stamp.

  • It lets you to view the full content of all the incoming/outgoing messages even if they are deleted right after being read or sent.

  • It lets you see all the pictures snapped through the Samsung galaxy SII cam.

  • It gives you access to all the contacts stored on the phone and also the ones added anytime later.

  • It records the URLs of all the websites visited on the phone.

  • You can retrieve the location of your Samsung Galaxy SII phone by sending just a simple text to it.

  • It notifies you whenever the SIM is changed.

  • It records all incoming/outgoing calls

If you are a much concerned parent who wants to keep track of his/her notorious teens or you have a lot of doubt and suspicions against your partner, you need to place your order right away for Samsung Galaxy SII Spy App by going to MobiStealth  You can purchase your required package as there are three different version of Samsung Galaxy SII Sky rocket spy.

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Are you searching for iPhone Spy app? iPhone spy apps are available in the market which provide users with comprehensive and constant spy of all the activities conducted on the iPhone. iPhone spy apps are used for varied purposes. These spy software can be used to catch cheating spouse, by parents to keep an eye on the activities of their children, etc. In addition to this, different businesses use these spy apps to monitor the organization allocated iPhones. There are number of vendors who provide apps for iPhone spy.

However, most of the iPhone spy apps come with following features:

In addition to the above mentioned services, some iPhone spy apps also provide recording of phone calls from specific numbers. All of this data is then uploaded to vendor server which can be accessed by the user who installed this spy app on iPhone.

iPhone spy apps cannot be installed remotely and need to be installed on the target iPhone directly which means that user, who wishes to install this spy app on iPhone, needs to get physical access to that iPhone for at least few minutes. All of the iPhone spy apps come with the instructions manual which can assist the user in the installation process. Three  primary companies dealing with iPhone spy apps are as follows:

      – Creation of email log
    – Access to complete history of all calls made and received from iPhone includin details such as call duration
      – SMS text messages history
      – Spy call which allows listening to the surroundings in real time
      – Access to the contacts stored in the cell phone
      – Access to all pictures taken from iPhone
      – Access to internet browsing history
      – Location information of iPhone updated on periodical basis
      – Real time tracking of iPhone through GPS
      – SIM change notification

Its primary product is Flexispy Pro which comes at the price of 249 USD per year. The information regarding this product can be accessed through

It is the most recognized brand involved in the provision of iPhone spy apps. Mobistealth Lite can be bought from with the price of 39.99 USD/ 3 months

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Blackberry Messenger Spy Software Now Available

Are you worried and curious to snoop a Blackberry messenger chatting? Mobistealth has recently introduced Blackberry Messenger Spy App. This spy application was in great demand even before its launch. This will surely make many people happy and contended who were waiting for something like this to pry Blackberry messenger conversations of their spouse, kids, or employees. So now you can secretly read all the blackberry messenger conversations.

Before having Blackberry Messenger Spy Software you should have the following features on your blackberry mobile phone.

      – Mobistealth blackberry messenger spy app works only if your blackberry messenger is v5.0. If you don’t have this latest version of blackberry messenger firstly download the new version and then subscribe to our website for the spy software.

      – The next important thing required for using our Blackberry messenger spy app is to make sure that your Blackberry messenger is using firmware v4.5 or above. If not, then firstly download it.

However, if you fulfill the above two requirements, you are all set to enjoy the interesting features of our spy software.

Additional Features:

If your primary objective is to spy blackberry messenger chat, Mobistealth not only fulfills your primary aim but also provides additional features along with the spy application for your blackberry messenger. These additional features include:

      – Call recordings
      – Contact details
      – Photo logging
      – Email logging
      – GPS tracking
      – And many more outstanding features

Whereas, Blackberry text messages spy app extracts even those text messages from the mobile trash history which had been deleted long time ago.

Easy to Use
Mobistealth spy software is very user friendly. A user must not be technically trained to use the spy software.

Price Range
Prices of the spy software are the most cheapest and suitable for its users in this industry. So, price has not been a problem for our customers. An average person would also have this magical spy suite. The price of the blackberry spy software that includes your desired blackberry messenger spy app is suitable within your budget.

      – $79.99 for 3-months
      – $119.99 for 6-months
      – $199.99 for 1-year

Where to Buy?

You can get the Mobistealth Blackberry Messenger spy software by visiting our website It will take few minutes and all of the chat, text messages and calls on your targeted blackberry phone will be on your Mobistealth club account.


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Mobile Spy Software for Android – Spy Any Android Phone

 Click Here To Download Android Spyware Directly onto Your Target Phone- Spy Cheating Spouse, Boy Friend, Girl Friend, Android Phone

Mobile Spy introduces a new and innovative spy software for all the mobiles which use Android operating system. Mobile spy software for android can be used to track and monitor the activities of an android user. This android spy app can be used to know all details of the calls, messages and emails made from the android phone. It can also be used for android tracking, giving details of the location of the phone and its user. And the icing on the cake is the fact that all of this information can be accessed in real time.

A person can install this android spy app on the android phone which he or she wants to track and monitor. After this mobile spy software for android is installed, it enters into stealth mode avoiding detection from android user. It will then start recording all the activities of the phone which is then uploaded to an online server. This information can be accessed by the person by logging into his or her Mobile Spy account. Android spy software for android has following main features.


  • GPS Location Tracking: It allows android tracking which means that location of the phone is recorded on every 15 minutes basis through GPS.

  • Call Logging: It creates a log of all incoming and outgoing calls including details such as call duration.

  • Spy Text Messages: It SECRETLY records all the text messages sent and received from the android phone.

  • Contacts Spy: It uploads the details of all the contacts stored on the phonebook.

  • Appointments: It SECRETLY records all the reminders stored in the phone such as birthdays, meetings, dates and anniversaries.

  • Browser History: It SECRETLY records all the internet activity conducted on the android phone including website visits and email sent and received.

  • Picture Logging: It also uploads all the videos and photos taken by the phone.

Mobile spy software for android comes with an additional feature of LIVE Control Panel. This extraordinary feature allows surveillance in real time. In addition to this, using this feature android phone can be controlled remotely. However, this feature comes with a price of $49.97 per year. But it comes with feature which makes this price a bargain. Live Control Panel allows android spy app to perform following features in real time.

  • The screen of Android phone can be viewed directly.

  • The location of the phone can be instantly viewed on the map through GPS.

  • Phone can be controlled through simple SMS. Afterwards, call can be initiated or message can be sent remotely.

  • Android phone can be locked.

These features make Mobile spy software for android unique in the market and a must buy for anyone who wants to monitor the android phone of his or her spouse, children or employee.

Let’s BUY Android Spy App:

Source 1: MobiStealth

Price: $39.99 USD (starting price)

Source 2: Mobile-Spy

Price: $49.78 USD (starting price)

 Buy Now Iphone Spy App

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Download Windows Mobile Spy Software- Spy on Any Windows Phone

Do you suspect your spouse is cheating on you? Are your employees misusing their employee cell phones? Or are you worried that your child is subjected to internet and cell phone hazards? Well you might be thinking of buying a detective suit, a magnifying glass and other detective equipment in order to spy on the suspected spouse, child, or employee.  Why undergo all these difficulties when mobile spy software for windows mobile can help you spy on the suspect remotely, conveniently, and without any risk of being caught? Oh yes, Mobistealth brings to you mobile spy software for windows mobile, the best, quickest, and easiest tool to creep into the suspect’s cell phone (a device that is a store of a person’s personal life) without their knowledge. Mobile spy software for windows mobile by Mobistealth offers a wide range of features. Following amazing Mobistealth features enable the software to function effectively.

Call History: Get the details of inbound and outbound calls.
Contact Details: View all the contacts saved on the windows phone, along with the details.
Text Message / SMS Logging: This feature enables you to read full content of all SMS sent and received from windows phone despite deletion.
Tracking without GPS: With this GPS tracking feature you cantrack location of windows phone even if the GPS is turned off or not available due to external factors.
GPS Tracking: Track the current location of the windows phone.
Calendar/appointment login: view the calendar and appointments of the user.

Mobile spy software for windows mobile is the best and easiest way to spy on any Windows phone, hence keeping an eye on the user secretly. You just need to install it in the Windows phone you wish to spy and leave the rest on mobile spy software. It takes minutes to install and immediately starts recording SMS, phone calls, videos, pictures, etc. and silently uploads them to your secure stealth club account, which can be logged in from any web browser, anytime and anywhere in the world. Another benefit of Mobile spy software for windows mobile is that you can track your stolen phone with GPS tracking. It runs absolutely in the background and the user will never know about its presence. Mobile spy software for windows mobileby Mobistealth can be purchased online by visiting its website Price: $39.99 USD

Buy Now Iphone Spy App

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Download Teens Cell Phone Monitoring Software For Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia & Windows Mobile- Spy & Monitor SMS Text Messages, Incoming and Outgoing Calls

With the emergence of technology, cyber net, and cell phones Sexting, pornography, and internet solicitation are spreading incredibly. Now that every teenager possesses a personal cell phone, they can further communicate with the predators without letting their parents know.  With online sexual predators everywhere and teenagers falling in bad company,parents are getting more and more concerned about their child’s safety.  They want to keep a track of their cell phone activities and whereabouts but they are unable to do so. So how do they succeed in their child’s cell phone tracking without his/her knowledge? The best, quickest and easiest solution lies in Parental Control Software.

What is Parental Control Software?

Parental Control Software is a cell phone spy that enables you to keep a check on your child’s cell phone activities and whereabouts without standing on their head 24/7 due to its cell phone tracking ability. By installing Parental Control Software in your child’s cell phone, you can safeguard your child from internet and cell phone hazards and take pre-emptive steps if necessary.

Features of Parental Control Software:
Parental Control Software is the best tool for parents who want to monitor their child’s cell phone activities and protect them from technology hazards, without having to touch their child’s cell phone. They can remotely read the entire content of sent and received SMS emails, listen to entire phone call conversations and get to know which websites their child has visited. In this way they can find out if their child is victimized by online predators, sending and receiving unwanted text messages, making and receivinginappropriate phone calls, involved in inappropriate activities such as soliciting, drugs, sextingetc.

How Does it Work?
Parental Control Software takes 2 to 3 minutes to install and secrectly records sent and received text messages, phone calls, websites visited and emails and silently uploads them to your secure online account. You can view the recorded activities by logging into your account from any web browser anytime, anywhere in the world. The best part of this software is that it runs completely in the background and works stealthily. Your child will never come to know that he/she is being spied.

Where to Buy?
FlexiSPY, MobiStealth and Mobile Spy are the major vendors of Parental Control Software. You can purchase it online by visiting their website which is www.flexispy.comfor FlexiSPY, for Mobistealth and www.mobilespy.comfor mobile spy. They offer different packages at different prices and each one of them has a unique feature.

Let’s Buy Parental Control Software:
1. Price: $39.99 USD

2. Price: $149 USD

3. $49.97 

Supported Phones:
The parental control software for mobile phones offered by above vendors supports almost all of iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, & Windows mobile phones.

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Mobile Spy Software For Catching Cheating Spouse

Download Spouse Spy Software For Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and Windows Mobile- SECRETLY Read Text Messages, Emails, Listen Phone Calls etc.

Simply mobile spy software is one of the wonderful developments of 21st century. Catching a Cheating spouse has always been a challenge for many of us. It’s really very hard to catch the cheating husband or wife if you are unable to follow them all the time.

With the help of mobile spy software you can easily catch the cheating spouse. When you start observing suspicious behavior of your spouse, you no longer have to make plans for catching him/her red handed. In fact you can make use of the mobile spy software for Blackberry, iPhones and Android, Nokia/Symbian phones that are specially designed to spy on a cheating spouse. 

The mobile spy software has the following features: 

-Call Logging: Mobile spy software enables you to record all the calls that are made from or to the specified numbers and lets you listen them at any time you want to. -You will get all the data like call history and call duration for all the calls with the help of mobile spy software through which you can filter out the numbers which are dialed or received excessively.

-Spy Call and Listen Surround Recordings: With the help of mobile spy software, you will get a unique facility of making a spy call which enables you to listen all the conversations going on in the surrounding of the specified number. This service can also be obtained by simply sending a SMS and mobile spy software will record all the communications that are happening in the surrounding of the number.

-GPS Logging: You can keep an eye on each movement of the cheating spouse with the help of mobile spy software or cell phone GPS tracker which will be included in the mobile spy software package.

-Email Logging: Mobile spy software will let you view the emails data that is sent and received from the target number. Moreover you can even check the browsing history, and all other activities that are done on-line by the specified number.

-Secretly Read Text Messages: Getting the details for each contact saved in the phone memory is no more a difficult job with the help of mobile spy software.Read all the SMS text messages with the help of mobile spy software that are sent and received from the number even if they are deleted from the cell phone. The mobile spy software has much more to offer beside all these outstanding features. Surely your cheating spouse’s activities will no longer remain a secret with the help of mobile spy software. 


PRICE: $39.99 USD

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Mobile Spy Software: Who Needs It?

Today! let’s talk about Mobile Spy Software and explore their usage and buying resources.

We all know technology has increased significantly in the past few years. Tasks that were done on the super computers now can be easily done on the laptops, or on your mobiles. I know that you will support me in saying that there is nothing that you cannot do with your phone. You can now see what your children are doing, what your spouse is doing in your absence, and  what your employees are doing at work or at some official tour with the help of mobile spy software. There is absolutely no need of hiring an investigator for doing all this as he/she charges a lot of money. Let us now consider the situations in which you need spy software.

Catch Cheating Spouse with Mobile Spy Software:

If you feel incomprehensible behavior from your life partner, you at once get curious. You try your level best for finding out the reality. You can monitor your spouse cell phone activities with mobile spy software. Text messages, call history with call summary and GPS location will be sent to your personal web account. You can see the exact location at any time- Isn’t it great!!!

Monitor Your Teens: (Use As a Parental Control Software)

Teenagers go to parties, cinemas, or at friends’ place without informing their parents. In such circumstances parents get extremely depressed as they do not find their teens at expected place. Now parents can see the exact position of their smart phones SECRETLY by GPS tracking. Teens use to do sexting – sending exploited messages or nude pictures. It is a crime. They may be arrested by the police for this act. You can now see their activities before they get into a serious problem with mobile spy software. Complete record of the text messages content, call log, memos, websites visited can be viewed by you at your personal account. They will never get an idea of this mobile spy software installation in their smart phones.

Monitor Employee’s Phone Activities:

We know that employees at work conduct official tours regularly, and companies provide the employees with the wireless devices like PDA and smart phones. They are supposed to use their smart phones for making only official calls, but employees abuse their phone privileges by making tons of personal calls at company expense. With employees monitoring software or mobile spy software, you can see the text messages, incoming, or outgoing calls, GPS location, or many more. You can also see whether your employees are sharing your company’s personal information, or projects information with your competitor companies. This mobiles spy software works by sending the information to your account.

Backup Your Own Activities:

If you want to delete your old messages from your smart phone, but at the same time, you want to save them. Than here is a solution of your query. Mobile spy software will save your text messages, directions, websites history etc. You can have them at the time of need. They can be helpful in situations in which you have to prove your actions right.

Where to Buy?

Vendors Offering Mobile Spy Software

1) Flexispy


Flexispy is supporting iPhone, Symbia (Nokia), Blackberry, Android and Maemoo (new mobile OS by Nokia) and you can buy mobile spy software from their website which is


2) Mobistealth


Mobistealth is supporting Android, iPhone, Nokia, Samsung and Blackberry phones. You can buy mobile spy software from their website which  is


3) Mobile-Spy


They are offering spy phone software for Blackberry, Android, Symbian (Nokia) and iPhone and you can buy from their website which is


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Mobistealth Spy App For Samsung Galaxy Tab Now Available

galaxy tab spy app 

It’s been a while since the Samsung Galaxy Tab has been out in the market and its quite predictable that most of the tech savvy ones have already gotten one for themselves but like all new releases the Samsung Galaxy Tab did lack few features like a quality Samsung Galaxy Tab Spyware. However, this feature has also been added to the growing list of features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Mobistealth is responsible for launching the world’s first the Samsung Galaxy Tab Spy App which will help you with keeping a balance of truth from deception. Mobistealth has earned a name for itself in the spyware business and many of its similar spywares have already been released and declared to be very successful. Mobistealth has ensured that customers are delivered with all the features they could ask for in an ideal Samsung Galaxy Tab Spy Software.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Spy App is undetectable and would easily transfer all the information you need to your online account and you need just an internet to get access of all the data that could help you with deciding your next step in your personal life. It is certainly your responsibility to ensure that your family life and work life are continuing as it should and Samsung Galaxy Tab Spy App aims to help you with that. Now you do not have to take time consuming and painful measurements anymore just so that you could get to the suspicious conversations that your family or employees might be having with other people.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Spy App can definitely be used for more than just catching cheating spouses. You can see what is going on in your children’s life; make sure that they are safe and going in the right direction. With the increasing cases of high school bullying it is your duty to ensure that they are confident enough to deal with such situations. You can provide the much needed support at the right time by keeping up with their personal life through Samsung Galaxy Tab Spy App. Installing and understanding the working of android spy software for samsung galaxy tab is very simple. All you have to do is install it while the user of the Samsung Galaxy Tab is away and afterwards the spyware would work as completely undetectable.

You can see the conversations that were made and the amount of data that are being exchanged between the contacts through the Samsung Galaxy Tab Spy App.

Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab Spy Software @

Price: $49.99 USD 

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Cell Phone GPS Tracking Software

GPS Tracking With Cell Phone Spy Software

Are you worried about your kids and teens’ cell phone activities? Do you have doubts about spouse attitude and feeling something fishy in their daily routine and cell phone use? No worries at all. Whether you are a parent or a suspicious spouse, cell phone spy software can solve your 99% problems and makes you get rid of your doubts and fears.

These days cell phone spy software are available with an array of features which have made life a lot easier for suspicious spouses, worried parents and doubtful friends and employers. Apart from monitoring their different cell phone activities like email logging and chat viewing, now you can even track the location of your teens or the targeted person. With this GPS tracking feature, now you don’t have to get cell phone GPS tracking software for the proper tracking of the device. If you are looking for a Blackberry location tracking software or Android location tracking software or some other cell phone GPS tracking software, you can consider spy phone tracking with cell phone GPS tracking features.

Cell phone spy apps were developed for the people who remained suspicious about the cell phone activities of their spouses and didn’t want to be a victim of cheating. But these days, they have become a popular option for parents, employers and friends who want to monitor cell activities of someone near and dear to them. Spy phone apps can monitor calls, chat, emails, messages etc, etc. These days almost all mobile spy software are available with GPS capabilities that even help you know the location of the person whose cell phone you want to monitor.

Cell phone tracking software are not that expensive and mostly their prices depend on the available features and functions. You need to pick cell phone tracking software that can help you easily track the activities that you want to monitor on the target phone.  Cell Phone spy apps are, indeed, a lot more feasible option than hiring a private detector.

Where to Buy

1) Flexispy


Flexispy is supporting iPhone, Symbia (Nokia), Blackberry, Android and Maemoo (new mobile OS by Nokia) and you can buy from their website which is

2) Mobistealth


Mobistealth is supporting Android, iPhone, Nokia, HTC, Samsung, LG, Symbian and Blackberry Phones. The price of this cell phone tracking software is $39.99 USD. You can buy Cell Phone Tracking Software from their website which is

3) Mobile-Spy


They are offering spy phone software for Blackberry, Android, Symbian (Nokia) and iPhone and you can buy from their website which is

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Top Cell Phone Spyware


If you are searching for a cell phone spy software review or if you really intend to buy a cell phone spy software in order to keep an eye on your spouse movements or your teens call logs, you are just logged on to right page where you can find apposite information regarding the top spywares along with their prices and the features they offer. Nowadays, there are a number of spy software available on the internet. Out of all the spy software, FlexiSPY, Mobistealth and mobile-spy are the most recommendable and market leaders. However, all three of them differ in their specifications and prices. Therefore, the question is which one would suit you the most and why?

Cell Phone Spy software are generally used by suspicious spouses who want to spy on their partner activities or sometimes by parents to, monitor their kids. Also, phone usage of employers can be checked through these spy softwares. For all of the spy software, you have to install the software on the target phone to be spied on. Once the installation is made, you would be able to read text messages, view call logs along with many other features but remember there is no spy software that does not need to be installed on the target phone, so stay away from such fake claimers.

FlexiSPY is the most recommendable and dependable spy software in the market so far. There are a number of products offered by FlexiSPY. One of the outstanding packages provided by FlexiSPY is no doubt FlexiSPY Pro-X. The PRO X version is the most feature rich spy software on the earth now. FlexiSPY Pro-X, allows you to listen into a live call now. This feature is only available in PRO-X version and is supported by BlackBerry, iPhone (2G, 3G, & 3GS), Windows Mobile, & Symbian only. The other features are read SMS messages, secret mobile GPS tracker, phone call history, email and furtively listen in on the target phone’s surroundings.

Some of the other FlexiSPY packages are:

Flexispy Pro: same features of pro X except the feature of listening into a live call.

Flexispy Light: same features of mobile spy and enable you to read text messages email and call history.

Flexispy Bug: you can listen in to the target phone surrounding secretively only. As soon as you install software on the target phone, all the required information of the cell would be sent to your confidential web account where you can vie all the uploaded data of the target phone. With all of their products, a 24 hour customer support service is also provided by flexispy now. The improvements made by the FlexiSPY group offers their service on maximum of the phones including iPhone (2G, 3G, 3GS), Windows Mobile, Symbian more than 50 models, & even BlackBerry and costs between USD $149.00 – $349.00.


To purchase FlexiSPY product line, visit

Mobile Spy is my 2nd recommendation. If you consider FlexiSPY expensive software and do not require excessive information then go for mobile spy as it offers all the ‘must-have’ features in less than 50 bucks. With Mobile Spy, you can track a cell phone; view the phone’s call logs, read incoming and outgoing text messages, and ofcoarse GPS tracking and are supported by Android (Droid, Nexus One, etc.), BlackBerry, iPhone 2G 3G/GS, Windows Mobile & Symbian. Another interesting advantage you can get with a purchase of annual license of mobile spy ($99.97 USD) is a year free license of Sniper Spy, an award winning PC monitoring software. So, with Mobile Spy, you can spy on not only a cell phone but also on PC. In regards to Mobile Spy as a company, they are the only US based spy phone company listed here, and were the first to sell spy software for both the iPhone and Android phones.

Mobile Spy Soft

To purchase Mobile Spy, visit

MobiStealth is my third recommendation because of its limited support to different phone. However, this new kid in the market is no doubt feature rich software in an affordable price. Let’s talk about the exclusive features of MobiStealth that are not offered by any other spy software company. Call recording is the feature that will record calls dialed or received on the cell phone you are spying on. With this you would not have to dial in when a call is in progress (required by flexispy’s pro-x). Mobistealth would record the call and upload it to web account. Retrieve/ view photos and videos – this new feature gives you complete visibility into all the photos and videos saved on the target phones. However, it offers the basic features of a spy software that are offered by mobile spy. It costs between USD$39.99 – $199.99 but supports only android & blackberry at the moment.


To purchase, visit

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Mobile Phone Spying, GPS Tracking Software

( Vigilance has always been one of the highest priorities of human beings. Due to our unpredictable nature and inherent uncertainty in things, we need to devise certain mechanisms that could provide high levels of monitoring. These days, mobile phones are being used formonitoring or in a more strict sense, to spy. Android spy software,iPhone spy software, Android monitoring app etc. are among the very few examples of monitoring applications built for mobilephones. Gone are the days when you had no clues about what your field employee had done during the whole day.


We can list a number of uses of the Android tracking app or android spy software but themain purpose of all of them remains to track a person or moment so that it could be presented as evidence later or critical facts and deductions could be carried out of it. At first, iPhone spy software for monitoring employee’s activities gained tremendous attention and a lot of worried bosses ultimately found a decent way to know what John is doing right now. But Android application developers never lose the chance to compete and they made the android tracking appand android spy software. We can argue the functionalities offered by both Android spy softwareand iPhone spy software but because they belong to different platforms (i.e., Android OS andiPhone OS), it is worthless to talk about the application features. The usual features of anAndroid spy software or iPhone spy software include logging all the incoming and outgoing calls,keeping history of all messaging done, map based auto refresh GPS location tracking, logging phonebook completely, photos and videos track and in a nutshell, every single key pressed is recorded and the spy software never fails to keep track.


With the advent of Blackberry spy software and other such Android spy software, many managers havereported a steady rise in sales and revenue. If you were in search of such software, than itis time that your wish has fulfilled. The android monitoring app and android tracking app generally use a server to upload the logged information. All the activities performed by the mobile phone user are silently sent to the server. The monitor logs on to the server via his email address and see who did what. I personally think that everyone should use a spy application for business purposes or other good purposes. If you have not bought it yet, this is right time to have spy software in your mobile phone.


12-Months 99.99 USD

6- Months 69.99 USD

3-Months 49.99 USD


-Spy Calls silently- Spy incoming and outgoing calls LIVE

-Secretly View Call History Logs

-Surround Recordings-

-GPS Tracking

-Emails Spy

-Text Messages Spy. Spy even deleted text massages

-View Videos, Photos Taken By Phone

-Support Almost all Phones

-Easy Installation

-Price- 3-Months 49.99 USD

Where To Buy



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