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Are Social Networking Sites Ruining Your Kid? Find Out with Mobile Spy

Social networking websites are a good way when it comes to socializing and connecting with your friends and family, but is also causing problem for the new generation. A new search conducted by an American psychologist has named a new psychological illness known as FAB, FaceBook Addiction Disorder. This disorder states that a person might log on to FaceBook for such long hours that their normal life could be disrupted. This can be stopped and taken care of using mobile spy.

Children now a days are now footsteps away from a computer and internet connection. Rather than doing something productive like reading online journals, articles or researches they are usually mesmerized in social networking websites such as FaceBook and Twitter. Their homework and extra curricular activities like sports are disrupted due to this and parents can step in and control their child’s online activities using the mobile spy.

social networking addition control mobile spy

The mobile spy has a feature that lets you know about any appointments or calendar markings. Using the mobile spy parents can tap into their child’s event log and if there is any occasion coming up can then persuade their child to go rather than sitting in front of the computer, chatting away.

Mobile spy also lets you monitor your child’s phones browsing history. It records the websites they have visited. Using that parents can check the times and duration their children visit social networking websites and the content they browse their. If the child is browsing them for prolonged periods then parents can usually put a limit on their child’s online internet package. 

Social Media Mobile Phone Spyware

The text messages and phone call recording feature in mobile spy can help parents find out about their child’s activities at all times. They can see if their children are talking about FaceBook or Twitter and what they’re doing there. The mobile spy can intercept calls and parents can see if their child is being invited to some outdoor game and then ditching it to social network online. They can then take steps to counter this attitude and help their child be more active and sporty.

Mobile spy’s GPS tracker feature lets parents find out where their child is at all times. If a child is at school or at a friends then parents can use the tracker to check where their child is and if he’s using the computer and logging into FaceBook rather than socializing actively and personally.

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