Mobile Spy Software: Who Needs It?

Today! let’s talk about Mobile Spy Software and explore their usage and buying resources.

We all know technology has increased significantly in the past few years. Tasks that were done on the super computers now can be easily done on the laptops, or on your mobiles. I know that you will support me in saying that there is nothing that you cannot do with your phone. You can now see what your children are doing, what your spouse is doing in your absence, and  what your employees are doing at work or at some official tour with the help of mobile spy software. There is absolutely no need of hiring an investigator for doing all this as he/she charges a lot of money. Let us now consider the situations in which you need spy software.

Catch Cheating Spouse with Mobile Spy Software:

If you feel incomprehensible behavior from your life partner, you at once get curious. You try your level best for finding out the reality. You can monitor your spouse cell phone activities with mobile spy software. Text messages, call history with call summary and GPS location will be sent to your personal web account. You can see the exact location at any time- Isn’t it great!!!

Monitor Your Teens: (Use As a Parental Control Software)

Teenagers go to parties, cinemas, or at friends’ place without informing their parents. In such circumstances parents get extremely depressed as they do not find their teens at expected place. Now parents can see the exact position of their smart phones SECRETLY by GPS tracking. Teens use to do sexting – sending exploited messages or nude pictures. It is a crime. They may be arrested by the police for this act. You can now see their activities before they get into a serious problem with mobile spy software. Complete record of the text messages content, call log, memos, websites visited can be viewed by you at your personal account. They will never get an idea of this mobile spy software installation in their smart phones.

Monitor Employee’s Phone Activities:

We know that employees at work conduct official tours regularly, and companies provide the employees with the wireless devices like PDA and smart phones. They are supposed to use their smart phones for making only official calls, but employees abuse their phone privileges by making tons of personal calls at company expense. With employees monitoring software or mobile spy software, you can see the text messages, incoming, or outgoing calls, GPS location, or many more. You can also see whether your employees are sharing your company’s personal information, or projects information with your competitor companies. This mobiles spy software works by sending the information to your account.

Backup Your Own Activities:

If you want to delete your old messages from your smart phone, but at the same time, you want to save them. Than here is a solution of your query. Mobile spy software will save your text messages, directions, websites history etc. You can have them at the time of need. They can be helpful in situations in which you have to prove your actions right.

Where to Buy?

Vendors Offering Mobile Spy Software

1) Flexispy


Flexispy is supporting iPhone, Symbia (Nokia), Blackberry, Android and Maemoo (new mobile OS by Nokia) and you can buy mobile spy software from their website which is


2) Mobistealth


Mobistealth is supporting Android, iPhone, Nokia, Samsung and Blackberry phones. You can buy mobile spy software from their website which  is


3) Mobile-Spy


They are offering spy phone software for Blackberry, Android, Symbian (Nokia) and iPhone and you can buy from their website which is


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